What is litigation funding?

Litigation funding is a commercial agreement whereby the funder agrees to meet some or all of the litigation costs of its client in exchange for a percentage of the sums recovered if the action succeeds, but nothing if the action fails.

What we do?

Litigation Funding (Pty) Ltd facilitates access to justice to individuals and companies with legitimate legal claims, but who are unable or unwilling to pursue them because of the high costs of litigation. Our objective is to identify, fund or co-fund, selected legal claims in South Africa and elsewhere.

What we are looking for?

To be considered for funding, a legal claim must satisfy several criteria, amongst other things:

  • corporate case with a significant financial claim
  • substantial legal merits and very good prospects of success
  • creditworthy defendant with clear enforcement process
  • legal costs proportionate to potential outcome
  • experienced legal team in the concerned area of law

The percentage charged to fund a legal claim depends on the circumstances of each case.

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Rebalancing the scales of justice